Saint Kentigern College recognises that not all students learn the same way.

The Enhanced Learning Centre provides a well-established system of support for the diverse learners to access the curriculum and achieve their potential.

The Centre takes responsibility for co-ordinating provision to meet individualised, educational requirements of selected students, whether they have moderate learning needs that warrant intervention and support, or they are performing at a level significantly beyond their peers and would benefit from extension and enrichment.


The Centre is committed to implementing proven, research-driven strategies to ensure that students are given the most effective educational options for their ongoing development. Our vision is that students will thrive within an environment that acknowledges and respects individual differences and recognises and celebrates unique abilities.

The Enhanced Learning Centre actively promotes personalised learning and works closely with staff, parents, outside agencies and our wider community. We develop shared understandings about individual students, learning differences, and unique skill sets and co-design effective pedagogical approaches that embrace the full spectrum of student need. In a changing world, we aim to balance the traditions of proven quality education with timely and creative responses to global skills demand, ensuring that all students are empowered to flourish now and in their future.

The students that have been referred to the Enhanced Learning Centre are assessed to determine their learning needs. The result of this assessment, when discussed with parents and classroom teachers, is used to determine appropriate levels of support. We offer a wide range of interventions designed for students to achieve, including small group withdrawal in literacy and numeracy, in-class support, mentoring, individualised learning programmes, personalised learning pathways, special assessment conditions and modified resources. 

Both within and outside of the classroom, Saint Kentigern provides opportunities for students to participate in programmes that promote academic rigour and creativity within a supportive and engaging learning environment. Identification of gifted students is inclusive and on-going, using a multi-method approach.

The College defines ‘Gifted’ as encompassing many domains, and through enhanced learning opportunities, Gifted and Talented students can experience enrichment to broaden their knowledge and acceleration in key concept areas. In class, this is achieved through curriculum differentiation and a range of ‘beyond the classroom’ gifted projects are also offered to enhance the learning experiences of gifted students. Critical thinking and creative abilities are extended by student’s participation in conferences, competitions and workshopping with experts including visiting writers and artists.

All students benefit from developing an understanding of themselves as learners and every teacher is a teacher of diverse learners. Through a collaborative, cohesive approach, the academic and social wellbeing of students is a priority, ensuring that they develop their individual and unique strengths.