Girls' School Swimming Results

March 13, 2013 at 12:10 PM

On Friday last week all the girls gathered in their Houses ready for the Swimming Sports - and what an excellent day it was! A warm day provided the perfect conditions for a day outside, in and out of the pool.

House spirit was alive and well as the girls cheered and supported their fellow house mates with enthusiasm. All the swimmers did extremely well. We congratulate all those who placed.

Swim Champions

Year 1 Champion – Sienna Haar
Year 2 Champion – Hannah Piper  
Year 3 Champion – Mary Stanfield
Year 4 Champion – Eva Colyer
Year 5 Champion – Livvy Connolly and India Doo
Year 6 Champion – Ava Beca
Year 7 Champion – Lucy Frazer
Year 8 Champion – Chelsea Simmons and Anna Lowther
Junior Champion  - Ava Beca  
Senior Champion – Chelsea Simmons and Anna Lowther 

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