Preschool Cross Country Results

August 20, 2015 at 3:54 PM

Fun and determination was in plentiful abundance during the Preschool cross country running races today. The students travelled to the Boys’ School to take on the challenging track in varying weather conditions. Our youngest boys and girls had their first cross country experience over 2.5 lengths of the rugby field, with our four-year-olds running 3.5 lengths. There was plenty of support from many parents on the sideline as all of the students dug deep to run their fastest.

Congratulations to everyone involved for doing their best, and especially to those who came in the top three.

3-year-old girls
1st - Ninsi Finn
2nd - Millie Peters
3rd - Willow Carnegie

3-year-old boys
1st - Matthew Lamb
2nd - Mark Bai
3rd - Henry Hewes

4-year-old girls
1st - Amelia Hardie
2nd - Olivia Lidstone
3rd - Ella Mace 

4-year-old boys
1st equal  - Boston Chester
1st equal - Ben Roberton   
2nd - Will Paris
3rd - Nico Paravicini

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